[c]/ˈmɛdəteɪt / (say 'meduhtayt)

verb (meditated, meditating)
verb (i)
1. to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect: *I went out to swing in my hammock and meditate upon things in general. –miles franklin, 1901.
2. to discipline the mind so that it contemplates particular, often spiritual, matters or contemplates in some particular way such as in becoming unaware of present conditions.
verb (t)
3. Obsolete to consider in the mind as something to be done or effected; to intend or purpose: to meditate a strategy.
4. meditate revenge, to plan to revenge oneself on someone: *Only fools were honest, only cowards kissed the rod, and failed to meditate revenge on that world of respectability which had wronged them. –marcus clarke, 1874.
{Latin meditātus, past participle}
meditator, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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